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FAQ - Political Committees

  1. When do I need to file as a political committee?
    • A combination of two or more individuals, or a person other than an individual (e.g., a club or organization) must file as a political committee and submit campaign reports when during a calendar year, in access of $500 aggregate, they:
      • Accept contributions or make expenditures to expressly advocate the election or defeat of a candidate or issue;
      • Accepts contributions for the purpose of contributing to any candidate, political committee, affiliated party committee, or political party; or
      • Sponsor a proposed constitutional amendment by initiative and intend to seek signatures of registered electors. (Section 106.011(16), F.S.)
  2. Where do I file as a committee?
    •  Division of Elections:
      • Political committees supporting or opposing statewide, legislative or multicounty candidates or issues;
      • Political committees that would otherwise be required to file in two or more locations by reason of the committee's intention to support or oppose candidates or issues at state or multicounty and local levels;
    • Supervisor of Elections:
      • Political committees supporting or opposing countywide or less than countywide candidates or issues (except municipal).
    • Municipal Clerk:
      • Political committees supporting or opposing municipal candidates or issues.
  3. As a Political Party (e.g., Republican or Democratic) Club, am I required to file as a political committee?
    • A political party "club" is not considered a "political party executive committee;" however, if the club satisfies the definition of a "political committee" in Section 106.011(16), F.S., e.g., receives contributions or makes expenditures in excess of $500 in the aggregate per calendar year for the purpose of expressly advocating the election or defeat of a candidate or making contributions to candidates, the club is required to file and report as a political committee.
  4. If I give a contribution to a Florida congressional candidate, do I have to file as a committee?
    • No, but it is recommended that you contact the Federal Election Commission in Washington, DC at 1-800-424-9530 for information regarding contributions to federal candidates.
  5. How much money can I give to a political committee?
    • No limit exists on the amount that can be contributed to a political committee.
  6. What if my political committee wants to change the campaign treasurer or other officers?
    • File a reappointment of campaign treasurer (Form DS-DE 6) with the filing officer along with a copy of the letter of resignation or removal. To change the chairperson, a notice in writing is sufficient. (Section 106.021(2), F.S.)
  7. I want to close my committee. What do I need to do?
    • Notify the filing officer in writing as soon as possible. (Section 106.03(5), F.S.)
  8. What can my political committee do with leftover funds?
    • The political committee must disburse the funds in the manner that the committee indicated it would dispose of residual funds on the Statement of Organization of Political Committee (Form DS-DE 5), which is on file with the filing officer.