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After the Grant

Requirements you must follow after the end of your grant period.   

Records retention  

Financial records, supporting documents, statistical records and all other records, including electronic storage media pertinent to the project, must be retained. 

Federal regulations dictate the grant file retention period. Check your grant agreement for specifics. If you have questions, please contact the Grants office.

If any litigation or audit is initiated or claim made, you must retain the records until five fiscal years after the litigation, audit or claim has been completed and all issues arising from it have been resolved.  

initiated or claim made, you must retain the records until five fiscal years after the litigation, audit or claim has been completed and all issues arising from it have been resolved.  

Equipment inventory and disposition  

Depending on the year you purchased equipment what it cost, you are required to:  

  • Maintain records of the equipment.  
  • Request to dispose of the equipment if is no longer functional or you will no longer use it.  

For equipment purchased prior to July 1, 2020, the threshold is $1,000.  

After July 1, 2020, the threshold is $5,000.  

All equipment with a per item cost that is over the threshold amount must be tracked and inventoried. 

The Division will make an annual inventory of equipment purchased with grant funds. 

When equipment is broken, obsolete, no longer needed or no longer being used, you should request to dispose of the equipment.  

If you wish to dispose of equipment, notify the Grants Office prior to disposal. Include information on the equipment, its condition and the reason for the request.  

The Division will grant approval to dispose of the equipment will or provide information for transferring the equipment to another grant recipient, if applicable.  


If your organization expended more than $750,000 from all federal sources during the fiscal year, you must perform a single audit.  

  • Audits must be performed in accordance with 31 USC 7501-7 (PDF), Requirements for Single Audits and 2 CFR 2 Subpart F, Audit Requirements. 
  • Audits must be submitted audit within nine months of the close of your fiscal year. 
  • A Single Audit Certification and Audits must be submitted to the Department of State via the DOS Grants System. 

If your organization did not expend more than $750,000 from all federal sources during the fiscal year, a single audit is not required.   

  • A Single Audit Certification must be submitted along with a Financial Report on its operations pursuant to Section 218.39, Florida Statutes, must be submitted to the Department of State via the DOS Grants System. 
  • This certification and financial report must be submitted within nine months of the close of the organization’s fiscal year. 

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