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Contact: Brittany Lesser

What They Are Saying… PEW Report Validates Agency Reform to Expand Voter Access

“Our effort last year in passing HB 7013 increased early voting hours, days and sites, allowing for more Floridians to have accessibility and be able to  exercise their fundamental right to vote.”- Representative Jim Boyd, former Chairman of the Ethics and Elections Subcommittee and sponsor of HB 7013

“These measurements are an excellent tool to help elections officials offer the quality customer service that we strive to provide.” - Supervisor of Elections Lori Edwards, President of the Florida State Association of Supervisors of Elections, Polk County

“I appreciate Pew Charitable Trusts providing us valuable information so we can measure our successes. Florida is a big state with counties that perform at varying levels, but I think this report provides important benchmarks for our elections efforts. As a state, we’ve made many legislative changes to increase early voting times and access, as well as addressing ballot length. I think I speak for all Supervisors in Florida when I say we want to continue to make our elections process stronger.” - Supervisor of Elections Jerry Holland and incoming President of the Florida State Association of Supervisors of Elections, Duval County

“Florida’s supervisors of elections made two simple requests of the legislature following  the 2012 elections – reduce the length of the ballot and expand the opportunity  for early voting.  With the enactment of these common sense policies combined with the ongoing work of local election officials, Florida is poised to make further strides in improving the election experience for all our voters  in 2014 and beyond.” - Supervisor of Elections David Stafford, Escambia  County

“We all want to improve the elections in Florida, and with the flexibility we now have because of changes made to election law, we can continue to follow through on that commitment.” - ­ Supervisor of Elections Kathy Dent, Sarasota County

“I am pleased that the Legislature reinstated provisions of law that were changed prior to 2012, which should enhance the voting experience in the future.” - Supervisor of Elections Bill Cowles, Orange County