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Florida History Day Winners Set to Compete in National History Day Contest

Tallahassee –

Florida History Day statewide winners are set to represent Florida at the National History Day (NHD) contest in College Park, Maryland on June 9–13. These students will compete against students from 55 NHD affiliate programs from all 50 states and around the world.

“I want to wish the best of luck to the bright and talented students who are representing Florida at the National History Day contest,” said Florida Secretary of State Laurel M. Lee. “I also want to congratulate every student who participated in Florida History Day, as well as thank the teachers and parents who supported them.”


Students, teachers, and parents gather at the annual Florida History Day Award Ceremony.

More than 55,000 students from around Florida participated in Florida History Day this year and the top entries from each county competed at the state contest in Tallahassee.

At the Florida History Day state contest, more than 1,000 middle and high school students presented award-winning research in a variety of mediums including documentaries, exhibits, papers, performances, and websites. The top two placements of each category were invited to represent Florida at the NHD contest.

Listed below are the students who are representing Florida at NHD. A full listing of Florida History Day state contest winners is available on the Florida History Day website here.



Jr. Group Performance                                                                                                           

Civil War Wives                                                                                                                   

Sophia Abati and Cate Zeiger, American Heritage School

Jr. Individual Performance                                                                                                     

Out of the Dark and Into the Light: The Tragedy and Triumph of Helen Keller                             

Emma Schenker, City/Pembroke Pines Charter Middle School

Sr. Individual Performance                                                                                                   

Alice Paul: Brazen Suffragist and the Greatest Triumph for Women in America                         

Jessica Chang, City/Pembroke Pines Charter High School


Sr. Individual Performance                                                                                           

Swallowing the Lion's Pride: A Requiem in Recompense                                                             

Max Mateer, Pensacola High School

Sr. Historical Paper                                                                                                                 

The Publication of the Pentagon Papers: Triumphs of the Free Press vs. Tragedy of Casualties and Distrust                                                                                                                             

Ashley Wu, Pensacola High School


Sr. Individual Documentary                                                                                             

Women in Revolt: The Enduring Legacy of the Newsweek Lawsuit                                          

William An, Frank  W. Springstead High School

Sr. Individual Exhibit                                                                                                              

The Black Swallow of Death: Eugene Bullard's Triumph in the French Military and the Tragedy of American Racism                                                                                                               

Abigail Kizer, Weeki Wachee High School


Sr. Individual Exhibit                                                                                                   

Connecting to Victory!                                                                                                           

Sarah Robison, Homeschool


Jr. Group Exhibit                                                                                                                     

Loss Comes to Light: Holocaust Twin Testing                                                                           

Carly White and Orie White, Deerlake Middle School

Jr. Individual Exhibit                                                                                                               

The Great Fire of London                                                                                                       

Sukeerth Goly, Fairview Middle School


Jr. Individual Documentary                                                                                                     

The Bosnian War, A War Truly Forgotten                                                                                

Rishit Shaquib, Howard Middle School


Jr. Individual Documentary

The Barbie Doll: A Toy That Changed the Nature of Play and Empowered a Generation of Young Girls

Sophie Schaked, Lake Highland Preparatory School


Sr. Group Exhibit

The Tuskegee Syphilis Study Tragedy: A Triumph in Medical Morality

Baily Palmer, Peter Zeledon and Alondra Curet, Osceola County School for the Arts

Palm Beach

Individual Performance

Anne Frank and Miep Gies: The Triumph of Humanity over the Tragedy of War

Daniela Guarino, American Heritage School of Boca/Delray

Jr. Historical Paper

The Great Fire of London: Human Triumph in the Face of Disaster

Kai Gao, Loggers' Run Community Middle School

Sr. Group Website

Zeal of the Broken: ZOB Resilience and Resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto

Julia Lubitz and Amanda Mickler, The King's Academy

Jr. Group Exhibit

The Impact of the Atomic Bomb on Japan, WWII, and the World

Alex Heard and Zack Wooster, American Heritage School of Boca/Delray

Sr. Individual Documentary

AIDS in America: Triumph and Tragedy

Matias Civita, Spanish River Community High School

Sr. Group Website

The Forgotten Tragedy of Japanese-American Internment

Madison Evasius, Tyler Chin-Lenn and Mikayela Smith, The King's Academy


Jr. Individual Website

The Tragedy of the Triangle Factory Fire and the Triumph of American Worker Safety.

Maegan Smarkusky, Seven Springs Middle School

Sr. Individual Website

Monopolizing America's Beauty: The Triumph and Tragedy of the Yosemite Indians

Mindy Do, Cypress Creek Middle/High School

Jr. Historical Paper

Tragedy in Disaster, Triumph for Every American Laborer - The Triangle Factory Fire

Frederic Bowen, Charles S. Rushe Middle School


Sr. Group Exhibit

Breaking the Chains

Jonathan Yacobi and Renee Jones, Largo High School

Jr. Individual Exhibit

Helen Keller

Alicia Rhinehart, Joseph L. Carwise Middle School

Sr. Historical Paper

Celebrating Historic Triumphs in the Midst of Tragedy: Ernie Pyle's Quest to Honor the Infantry of WWII

Victor Xie, St. Petersburg High School

Sr. Individual Website

The Suez Crisis of 1956: Triumph & Tragedy in the Name of Economic Domination

Kasha Tyranski, St. Petersburg High School

Jr. Group Documentary

“Houston, We’ve Had a Problem Here”: The Triumph and Tragedy of Apollo 13

Emily Hayes and Riley Matthews, Dunedin Highland Middle School

Jr. Group Website

Marie Curie and the Discovery of Radium: A Life Dedicated To Science

Arista Athanassie, Kaiden Britz and Tina Gudovic, Plato Academy Charter School Tarpon Springs


Sr. Group Documentary

The South African Apartheid: Fighting for Equality

Elissa Andah and Arlene Nova, Haines City Senior High School

Santa Rosa

Jr. Individual Website

WW II's Forgotten Fighters: Women Airforce Service Pilots

Whitney Bouk, Gulf Breeze Middle School


Jr. Group Website

Lands of the Free - Rediscovering America's First Free Maroon Communities

Devin Gulliver and Quinn Gulliver, Pine View School

Sr. Group Documentary

Mendez v. Westminster Discrimination and School Desegregation

Ethan Schrock, Dominic Cuffaro and Andrew Moor, Sarasota Christian School


Jr. Group Documentary

Marie Curie: A Trailblazer, A Scientist A Humanitarian

Kyra Henriques and Lucy Guo, Sanford Middle School

St. Johns

Sr. Group Performance

Tragedy on the Trail of Engineering Triumph: A Panama Canal Flashback

Alan Michael, Joshua Pantano, Logan Graham and Daniel Fedchenko, Allen D. Nease Senior High School


Jr. Group Performance

Triumph for Women during the Tragedy of War

Sydney Downey and Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Saint Brendan Catholic School


Sr. Group Performance

Triumph or Tragedy?: The Case of the Lowell Mill Girls

Reagan Wells, Sierra Smith, Mary Katherine Rookis and Knoxye Grinstead, Seacoast Collegiate High School


 About Florida History Day
Florida History Day is part of National History Day (NHD). NHD was established in 1974 to promote history in the classroom by offering students the means and encouragement to research people, ideas, and events of the past. The 2018–19 theme is Triumph and Tragedy in History. After analyzing and interpreting the information they have gathered, students present their findings in a paper, exhibit, performance, documentary, or website. This year, 55,871 students and 986 teachers in 32 counties were involved. For more information visit: