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Voter Registration - New and Removed

Webpage last updated: July 12, 2024.

The chart below reflects the following:

  1. New - the number of new voters added to the registration rolls. This number does not include pre-registrants who are persons who can apply to pre-register once they are 16 years of age or older.
  2. Removed- Active – the number of active voters who were removed because:
  • Voter was determined to be ineligible (e.g., adjudication of mental incapacity without voting rights restored, felony conviction without voting rights restored, death, not a U.S. citizen, did not list a valid Florida residence, determined to be fictitious person)
  • Voter moved out of state and either the voter or the out-of-state election official notifies the State or the Supervisor of Elections
  • Voter asked in writing to be removed from the rolls
  1. Removed –Inactive – the number of inactive voters removed. An inactive voter is someone for whom undeliverable mail triggered an address confirmation final notice to which the voter did not respond within 30 days or which came back undeliverable. When that happens, the voter is designated as inactive.  If after two (federal) general elections, the inactive voter fails to  vote, change/update his or her voter registration record, or request a vote-by-mail ballot, the inactive voter is removed no later than the end of the calendar year. An inactive voter remains eligible to vote until he or she is removed from the official list of registered voters. Removal of inactive voters does not occur during the 90-day window before a federal election.

Data as of June 30, 2024.

Year  New1  Removed - Active2 Removed - Inactive3
2024 283,656 134,280 11,698
2023 493,132 268,521 16,827
2022 701,634 283,683 375,317
2021 582,363 326,077 155,813
2020 1,103,115 222,277 205,863
2019 634,982 232,544 203,460
2018 750,353 218,516 138,203
2017 448,209 237,708 222,220

New and Removed Archive - Data for 1995 - 2016