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Florida Family Summer

A Family Road Trip Through the Sunshine State!

A summer road trip is the best time to make memories!  And what better way to make memories than by exploring the Sunshine State. 

Many of us have nostalgic memories of summer road trips with our families where we visited museums, parks, or other cultural and historical sites.  We took pictures at road signs, in front of historical homes, or at cultural sites so that years later, we could relive those happy memories.

The Florida Department of State encourages Floridians and travelers to relive the nostalgic memories of those summer road trips, explore Florida and discover locations throughout the state that are family-friendly and affordable (or free)! 

Make your way through Florida, a local region, or your very own neighborhood, and visit sites that help to tell Florida's story or share Florida's unique history and culture! From libraries to museums to Main Street Communities, wherever you are in Florida, you're never far from family-friendly Florida options!




Explore the map above to find locations in Florida to where you can learn about and discover the people, places and events that are important to Florida's history, art, culture!

Click on the toggle icon in the top-left corner of the map to sort by libraries, Florida Main Street Communities, Arts and Culture Facilities and even locations where you can see some of the Department of State's Archaeological Collections on view.


Other Resources

The Department of State has a number of resources you may wish to review as you make your way through the state.  Click on the links below for more information.


Florida Heritage Trails

Florida Historical Marker Interactive Map

Florida Historic Golf Trail

Florida Music Tours