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1. What is the Florida Division of Arts and Culture?

The Florida Division of Arts and Culture is Florida’s legislatively designated state arts agency. The division is one of 6 divisions under the Florida Department of State.  Our mission is to promote arts and culture as essential components of the quality of life for all Floridians. The Division of Arts and Culture strives to showcase how arts and culture contribute to job creation, tourism, education, and the overall vibrancy of the state.  Every state and territory in the nation has a designated state arts agency.

2. How does the Florida Division of Arts and Culture serve the public?

Since 1969, the Division has been connecting cultural funding opportunities and services to Florida's citizens and visitors. This is made possible through funds allocated by the Florida Legislature and the National Endowment for the Arts. It's important to note that all funding for our grant programs is subject to appropriation by the Florida Legislature.

3. What are the specific funding opportunities offered by the Florida Division of Arts and Culture?

We provide funding, programs, and resources to promote excellence and ensure access to cultural opportunities. Our grant programs cover a wide range of artistic disciplines, including arts in education, local arts agencies, state service organizations, museums, theater, dance, folk arts, literature, media arts, multidisciplinary, music, sponsor/presenter, and visual arts programs and projects. These fall under the following grant programs: General Program Support, Specific Cultural Projects, and Cultural Facilities.

4. Who can apply for these funding, programs, and resource opportunities?

Nonprofits, individual artists, as well as universities, municipalities, cities, and counties, are eligible to apply.

5. Can for-profit corporations or LLCs apply?

No, for-profit corporations or LLCs are not eligible to apply.

6. What is the Office of International Affairs?

The Office of International Affairs, led by the Secretary of State who serves as Florida’s State Protocol Officer, is housed within the Division of Arts and Culture and is responsible for facilitating consular relations between the state and foreign governments doing business in Florida. Additionally, it promotes and encourages activities related to participation in the Sister Cities programs and acts as an intermediary between Florida businesses and cultural organizations. This includes coordinating joint undertakings, such as sponsoring cultural events and assisting with business and cultural trade missions.

7. What is the Florida Folklife Program?

The Florida Folklife Program aims to document, present, and preserve Florida's rich folklife and traditional culture. Folklife includes living traditions, folk arts, and cultural knowledge shared within communities. These expressions are rooted in and reflective of a community's shared standards of beauty, values, and experiences. Established in 1979 by the legislature, Florida Folklife is supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts Folk and Traditional Arts Program.

8. How can I find out what the Florida Division of Arts and Culture is up to?

Stay updated on our activities by following our Facebook page and checking press releases from the Florida Department of State.