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Resources by Topic

Our staff has collected information and resources on cultural topics from Advocacy to Public Art. Select a topic to learn more.

  • Accessibility

    The Florida Division of Arts and Culture works to ensure that meaningful arts experiences are available to all of its state's citizens, including people with disabilities, patients and caregivers in healthcare settings, and older adults.

  • Advocacy

    The Division has created a toolkit that provides information to help you advocate for arts and culture in the state of Florida.

  • Artist Estate and Legacy Planning

    Keeping an artist's legacy alive after their passing can be a difficult proposition. Artists or estates of artists who were prolific in their work during their lives or who may not have received widespread recognition may wish to plan for the future.

  • Arts in Education

    Arts In Education cultivates learning and artistic development for all students and teachers by promoting, encouraging, and supporting arts and culture as an integral part of education and lifelong learning for residents and visitors.

  • Arts in Health

    Arts in healthcare is a diverse, multidisciplinary field dedicated to transforming the healthcare experience by connecting people with the power of the arts at key moments in their lives. This rapidly growing field integrates the arts, including literary, performing, and visual arts and design, into a wide variety of healthcare and community settings for therapeutic, educational, and expressive purposes.

  • Economic Impact of the Arts

    The arts are a vitally important economic industry, generating revenue, creating jobs and developing communities. Several resources below offer substantial research findings on the arts and economic development, from statewide economic impact studies to national reports.

  • Emergency Preparedness and Recovery

    Unexpected events happen. Make a plan for disaster preparedness so that your studio or cultural organization is ready for unforeseen circumstances like hurricanes and break-ins.

  • Public Art

    Public Art refers to artwork that is located in the public's space such as in the lobby or outside a state, local government or private facility. Public art is either purchased for the space or an artist will be commissioned to create a specific piece of artwork to reflect distinctive qualities of the space, its function, natural surroundings, architectural environment, or neighborhood identity.