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Arts and Culture

International cultural exchanges bring performances, exhibitions and other arts experiences across national borders. Because the arts center human experience, these events can act as a doorway to cross-cultural understanding and an appreciation of cultures other than our own. They can, and often do, help audiences appreciate cultural differences while emphasizing our common humanity. Participants in international cultural exchanges often experience profound insights and find their worldviews permanently altered. These exchanges help us to understand each other better as nations and human beings.

Additionally, international cultural exchanges enrich the lives of artists, improve the artistic quality and capabilities of cultural organizations and help to build audiences. They enhance the standing of participating performing companies and artists. International cultural exchanges also promote economic and political relations among nations through an increased awareness of one of the most fundamental aspects of any society: the arts.

Organizations may apply for funding for international projects through the Division of Arts and Culture’s Specific Cultural Projects grant program.

Any arts or cultural group that receives funding from the State of Florida that intends to travel internationally for a presentation, performance, or other significant public viewing must complete the Notice of International Travel at least 30 days prior to the date of first travel.

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Specific Cultural Projects grant program

Notice of International Travel