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Florida International Affairs Foundation

The Florida International Affairs Foundation is the Office of International Affairs’ Citizen Support Organization.  Its mission is to supplement (not supplant) the programs and services of the office by fostering, creating, and enhancing diplomatic and cultural relationships and facilitating consular relations between the state and all foreign governments doing business in Florida.

The Foundation works to enhance the Office of International Affairs’ efforts to support, promote, plan, and implement programs and events designed to gain recognition and understanding of Florida in promoting trade, economic and cultural development opportunities for the state, and promoting the gathering of trade data information and research on trade opportunities around the world. It also supports the Secretary of State's duties as the State Protocol Officer and Chief Cultural Officer.

Activities may include:

  • providing funding for projects, grants, awards, gifts and hospitality services for programs and events
  • creating, paying for, and distributing publications
  • other services that the Office of International Affairs deems beneficial and appropriate for international relations and diplomatic activities and events.


Board of Directors

Desmond Alufohai, Chairman

Todd Kocourek, Vice Chairman

Mark Kruse, Secretary/Treasurer

Collier Merrill

Sibille Pritchard

Malcolm Riddell


For more information about the Florida International Affairs Foundation, please contact [email protected].

For future events, please see the Calendar.

Founding Sponsors

Anthony R. Abraham Foundation Florida Power and Light Company Select Florida
Florida Ports Council Quickload The Consular Corps of Miami
National Association of Civil-Law Notaries Consulate General of Antigua & Barbuda - Miami, Florida  David S. Willig Law Firm, Chartered