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Artist Estate and Legacy Planning

Keeping an artist's legacy alive after their passing can be a difficult proposition. Artists or estates of artists who were prolific in their work during their lives or who may not have received widespread recognition may wish to plan for the future. 

  • POBA | Where the Arts Live is a non-profit online hub that showcases, promotes, and preserves the creative legacies of exceptional under-recognized artists in all media. Working with State Arts Councils and other arts organizations, POBA gives deserved recognition to Heritage artists and the arts in each state. POBA also gives tangible help to working artists, families, and collectors to manage their collections for future preservation, viewing, and value.

    POBA was founded to showcase, promote and preserve their creative legacies through compelling displays and interesting human stories about these art makers.  POBA accepts nominations of deceased under-recognized artists and creates displays of their works on POBA.  

    Through online resources and tangible services, POBA also assists individuals and institutions that own or manage a creative legacy or arts collection to preserve, protect, document, digitize, complete and in many other ways ensure these collections live on.  POBA also assists working artists in managing their own works for future preservation, viewing, and value.