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Calls to Artists

About Calls to Artists

ASB Call to Artists project descriptions are issued periodically by the state agencies and universities that have building projects. Links to those project descriptions are posted in the list of Current Calls (above). Note: University submission requirements may vary. Be sure to read each project description carefully.

Artists on the Division's mailing list who have checked ASB will be notified of these projects via email. Join the mailing list. It will be the artist's responsibility to maintain their correct email address on the mailing list.

  • Calls to Artists include a complete description and requirements for that project.
  • Artists decide if their work "fits" a project's description and then submit an entry to that project.
  • Artists may enter multiple projects but, because each project has its own art selection committee, they must send a separate entry for each project.
  • Galleries and artist's representatives are encouraged to submit materials for their artists.

What to Submit

To enter a project, send the following four (4) items to the email address provided in that project’s description. Note: Submission requirements for university projects may vary.

  1. Statement. A brief Letter of Interest that explains why your artwork is perfect for this project and how your submitted images address the project requirements. This should not yet be a site-specific proposal.
  1. Resume. A current professional resume, emphasizing public art experience, public collections and public commissions.
  1. Images. Send a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 digital images via Dropbox, Box, or other file-sharing site to the designated email address. Images should be in .JPG format with a minimum resolution of approximately 800x600 pixels. The filename of each image must match the following format:

a. the artist's last name,
b. then the corresponding image number from the ID Sheet and
c. finally the artwork title (use representative words of a long title). If the image is a "detail," please indicate that as well.

Example: Smith_08_PinkHeron_det.jpg

Make sure that your images are sent in the same order as listed on the ID Sheet. The first five artworks presented will receive initial review. Because the initial review is a "blind" review, no identifying information should appear on the images. Don't forget to provide the committee with details/close-ups of large or complex artworks.

  1. Image ID Sheet. Include an image identification page(s) that provides, for each submitted image, 

a. thumbnail image of the work,
b. image number,
c. title of work,
d. medium, 
e. dimensions,
f. date of work and
g. price of work or amount of commission.

The ID Sheet must be headed with the specific project name (and number, if provided), and the artist's name, address, phone number, email address, and website, if any.

Submission Tips

Selection committees may process and review hundreds of artist submissions. Please make the task easier by considering these tips.

  • Carefully read the description for each of the submission items so that you can be sure to include all required information in the appropriate format.
  • It is important to include the prices of your work and/or the budgets of commissioned projects. When committees are unable to determine if a particular kind of artwork is within their particular budget, they tend to bypass that artist.
  • Be sure to indicate on your Image ID Sheet which of your artworks are currently available, if the committee is considering a purchase.
  • Prices for existing works must include delivery or shipping costs and works must arrive framed or ready to install. The selection committees have no "extra" funds for framing or shipping.
  • Use a relatively large font for your Image ID Sheet, as the ASB administrator will likely print the sheet and read the information aloud while the Committee members are viewing the images in the dark.
  • Do not present your Image ID Sheet in "landscape" format.