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Texture Series #15

by Colette Copeland

Texture Series #15

20” x 24”

Donated in 1998 by the artist

Artist's Statement

Colette Copeland has a BFA in Merchandising with a minor in Photography from the Pratt Institute in New York City. She has participated in workshops at the International Center of Photography, Center for Photography at Woodstock, Center for Book Arts, and Palm Beach Photographic Workshop. She has exhibited extensively throughout the northeastern United States.

She states, "the texture series represents an on-going body of work that has been in production for the past three years. The intent is to challenge straight photography and reveal the transparency of photographic truth. By focusing on a small part of an object, then enlarging it to create the illusion of an abstract painting, one can experience the relationship between form, light and color. All the images are found in nature, whether a rock or tree or wall, in an urban landscape. The colors are natural and unretouched. Filters are not used. The images were taken in the U.S., Venezuela, Portugal, and Italy and are color coupler prints."