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Native Americans in Florida

This bibliography lists some of the published works in the State Library on Native American history in Florida. 

Photo with close up view of statue of Native American woman, part of bronze sculpture group "America Royalty"

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General resources


Cover photo of Native Americans in Florida by Keven M. McCarthy


  • "Are Florida's Indians an endangered species?"  Floridian, Dec. 23, 1973, p.12-21. 
  • Bowers, Shirley H.  "Captured on canvas: McKenney-Hall's history of the Indian tribes of North America."  Florida Historical Quarterly, v71, p. 339-347. 
  • Brochu, Nicole S. "Florida's Lost Tribe: In search of the Tequesta, the people who made the Miami circle."  Sunshine, April 23, 2000.
    • Vertical file: INDIANS (other)--M-Z. 
  • Bullen, Adelaide.  "Florida Indians of Past and Present."
    • Vertical file: INDIANS (other)--A-L. 
  • Cash, W.T.  "The Story of Florida."
    • Vertical file: INDIANS (other)--A-L. 
  • Clark, James C.  "European Arrival spelled doom for Native Americans." Florida Magazine, Aug. 8, 1993, p.4.
  • "Discovering your artifacts: what to look for and how to retrieve them."
    • Vertical file: INDIANS (other)--M-Z. 
  • Dovell, J. E.  "Florida: Historic, Dramatic, Contemporary."
    • Vertical file: INDIANS (other)--A-L. 
  • Drake, Ella Wells.  "A Choctaw academy education: the Apalachicola experience, 1830-1833."  Florida Historical Quarterly, Winter 2000, p. 289-308. 
  • Granberry, Julian.  "Early Trade Routes of North and South American Indians."
    • Vertical file: INDIANS (other)--M-Z. 
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  • Quetone, Joe A.  "The Nations within a Nation."  Forum, Fall 1992, p. 30-33. 
  • Prucha, Francis Paul.  "Indian Peace Medals in American history."
    • Vertical file: INDIANS (other)--A-L. 
  • "Removal of Indians."  Bill on Indian removal.  From House Reports 21st Congress, 1st Session, v.2 #176-298, report #227. Feb. 24, 1830.
    • Vertical file: INDIANS (other)--A-L. 
  • Riordan, Patrick.  "Finding freedom in Florida: Native people, African Americans, and colonists, 1670-1816."  Florida Historical Quarterly, Summer 1996, p.24-43. 
  • Wisenbaker, Michael.  "Florida's true natives."  The Florida Naturalist, Spring 1988, p. 2-5.


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