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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT - Secretary Detzner in the Tallahassee Democrat: “Historic Preservation an Economic Engine"

Tallahassee –

Historic Preservation an Economic Engine

Tallahassee Democrat

Op-Ed: Ken Detzner is Florida’s Secretary of State and Chief Cultural Officer

May 7, 2016


“Florida is a state built on history, diversity and innovation. From Pensacola to St. Augustine to Key West, some of America’s most historically significant sites are located here in the Sunshine State, co-existing along with famous tourist attractions and dynamic economic centers.

“May is National Historic Preservation Month, and I am committed to demonstrating how our preservation efforts complement the modernization and growth that has made Florida one of the top tourist and business destinations in the nation.

“Throughout 2016, the Department of State’s Division of Historical Resources is participating in the ‘Preservation50’ initiative, which recognizes the 50th anniversary of the National Historic Preservation Act and shines a light on the past, present and potential future achievements in historic preservation.

“In addition to maintaining a community’s sense of place, historic preservation provides real benefits to Florida’s economy. Cultural heritage tourism is a great economic engine for the state. In 2013 alone, cultural heritage tourism in Florida generated more than $2.5 billion in spending ...”

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About Preservation50

Preservation50 is the national initiative commemorating the 50th anniversary of the signing of the National Historic Preservation Act on October 15, 1966 by President Lyndon B. Johnson. The Act laid the groundwork for programs and procedural protections that are fundamental to historic preservation efforts today. Learn more about it here. Throughout 2016, the Florida Division of Historical Resources invites you to join us in the national celebration of Preservation50.Many of the programs administered today by the Florida Division of Historical Resources within the Florida Department of State, are a result of the National Historic Preservation Act.  The National Register of Historic PlacesCertified Local Government programs, and the Section 106 Review Process, receive funding support from the Historic Preservation Fund created by the Act, which also established state and tribal historic preservation programs, and State Historic Preservation Officers who are appointed to preserve the nation’s cultural and historic resources.


About The Division of Historical Resources

The Florida Department of State’s Division of Historical Resources (DHR) is responsible for preserving and promoting Florida’s historical, archaeological, and folk culture resources. The Division Director’s office oversees a grants-in-aid program to help preserve and maintain Florida’s historic buildings and archaeological sites; coordinates outreach programs such as the State Historic Markers program and the Florida Folklife program which identifies and promotes the state's traditional culture. DHR directs historic preservation efforts throughout the state in cooperation with state and federal agencies, local governments, private organizations, and individuals. The Division director serves as the State Historic Preservation Officer, acting as the liaison with the national historic preservation program conducted by the National Park Service. The Division is comprised of two Bureaus, archaeological research and historic preservation. For more information