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Maude E. Scott

1997 Florida Folk Heritage Award


Maude Scott (b. 1918) is one of eight children born to Abraham and Maude T. Lewis. Abraham Lewis was both Cherokee and Kongo, but he learned most of his healing arts from his Native American mother. As Scott noted, “Owing to the unavailability of medical professionals, the practice of herbal medicine was the only source of help available to the poor during times of illness.” After moving to Florida with his family, Abraham Lewis traveled throughout the state healing people with natural remedies wherever he was needed.

Scott has followed in her father’s footsteps. Her training began in early childhood, when she frequently assisted her father in collecting and preparing herbs for treatments. Abraham had a vast knowledge of wild herbal plants and was eager to share this information. Scott learned from him well into adulthood. She not only diagnoses and treats those who request help, but also delivers lectures and seminars in Florida, in cities throughout this country, and in the Bahamas. In addition, she offers her students and friends a variety of recipes to assist them in maintaining their health. Scott was a master artist in the 1995-1996 Florida Folklife Apprenticeship Program.