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Doris Dyen

Doris Dyen, PhD, now lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she is the rabbi for the independent havurah Makom HaLev, serves as a chaplain at Magee Womens Hospital, and offers spiritual support as a mashpiah ruchanit (Jewish spiritual director). She is a past Director of Cultural Conservation for the River of Steel National Heritage Area in Pennsylvania. Often focusing on ethnomusicology, she worked on African American shape-note singing in Alabama for her dissertation. She also co-authored Resources of American Music History (1981), and co-produced an album of Alabama Sacred Harp singers in 1982, as well as extensive lecturing, giving public programs, and publishing several articles. For the Florida Folklife Program, Dyen worked on the Folklife Library Project, Lucreaty Clark Video Project, Ida Goodson Recording Project, Seminole Slide Tape Project, and the West Florida Survey.