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The Stories That Speak For Us

It has been said that “1The cultural environment is the nursery in which each generation is nurtured and socialized; it is the workshop in which each generation elaborates on its received tradition; and in the end, it is the legacy that each generation passes on to its descendants. As we emerge from childhood, each of us becomes part of a group tradition and each accepts the burdens of social responsibility. As we learn about these traditions, we are shaped by them; as we live these traditions, we give them new expression."

Tradition bearers and folk artists are recognized within their communities as exemplary practitioners of traditional arts and purveyors of traditional knowledge. They are committed to passing on valuable knowledge, skills and techniques to the next generation. Over the years, Florida Folklife has worked with many treasured tradition bearers who dedicate themselves to bridging the gap between cultures and creating the space for cross-cultural and inter-generational learning to occur.

Learn more about these extraordinary people and the traditions they protect in their own words. 

1(Excerpt from National Park Service - NPS-28: CULTURAL RESOURCE MANAGEMENT GUIDELINE)