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Haiqiong Deng

Florida Folklife asked our artists a series of questions to learn more about their traditions and how those traditions have impacted their lives and the lives of those around them. Take a look at the answers we got from Haiqiong Deng below.


What folk tradition(s) or traditional art(s) do you practice?

Chinese music: guzheng (21-string zither) and guqin (7-string zither).

How did you learn those traditions?

I learned these instruments at conservatories of music when I was in China.

Why is it important to maintain folk traditions?

Music is by far one of the most important vehicles to express who I am, connect my cultural root, communicate with people from various cultures, and bring happiness and wellbeing to myself and people.

How did you first get involved with the Florida Folklife Program?

I was invited to perform the guzheng with my students under the master/apprentice program in 2013.

What Florida Folklife Program projects have you participated in and/or what folklife awards have you received?

2017 Florida Folk Heritage Award, 2013 Florida Individual Artist, 2012-13 Folklife Apprenticeship Program

How has the Florida Folklife Program benefited you or what value does the program have?

I have been supported and recognized by the Florida Folklife Program in the past years. Through participating in the festivals and concerts, I have been able to meet wonderful artists and get to know the rich and diverse cultures and people in Florida. This program is a nexus that connects people and arts together and celebrate the richness of cultures in Florida.

How can the Florida Folklife Program better serve you?

I hope to do more collaborative works cross-culturally and cross-disciplinary through various creative projects the Florida Folklife Program might be able to offer.