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Clarita Filgueiras

Florida Folklife asked our artists a series of questions to learn more about their traditions and how those traditions have impacted their lives and the lives of those around them. Take a look at the answers we got from Clarita Filgueiras below.


What folk tradition(s) or traditional art(s) do you practice?

Photo of Clarita Filgueiras

I am a Flamenco dancer and choreographer. 

How did you learn those traditions?

I began hearing Flamenco in my house, my grandmother was a professional flamenco singer and my father was an aficionado of flamenco. He used to play flamenco music and sing at home; so, I always heard Flamenco at home. At the age of seven, my father took me to see a flamenco show and I decided right there and then that I wanted to learn Flamenco dance. Ever since, I have dedicated myself to learning and perfecting this art form. I began classes from a Spanish dancer named Lolita Marquez in Hollywood, Florida. Since then, I have been self-taught, and I’ve traveled to Spain whenever I could, studying in Madrid and Sevilla.

Why is it important to maintain folk traditions?

Folk traditions are the story of life in one’s village, neighborhood, town. They tell the story of love, sorrow, and life with passion.  

How did you first get involved with the Florida Folklife Program?

I was fortunate enough to meet Tina Bucuvalas who recommended the program.

What Florida Folklife Program projects have you participated in and/or what folklife awards have you received?

I have received the Florida Heritage Award for significant contributions to Florida’s cultural heritage through outstanding achievements in the performance of traditional Spanish Flamenco dance. I have also participated as a master artist in the 2007 Folklife Apprenticeship Program. 

How has the Florida Folklife Program benefited you or what value does the program have?

Receiving this award has tremendous value in that my state, the State of Florida, recognized the importance of diversity and richness of which I am a part. Through Flamenco, I have brought joy and the arts to many in my community and throughout the State in my classes and performances.  

How can the Florida Folklife Program better serve you?

The Folklife Program serves me by exposing to the public what I do best, the Art of Flamenco.