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2017- 2021 Goals, Objectives, and Strategies

Vision for Historic Preservation in Florida

The goals, objectives, and strategies presented here are intended to guide preservation efforts throughout Florida over the next five years. They are guideposts for general decision making, and are not intended to provide place-specific or resource-specific guidance. Individuals, organizations, and communities can use this framework to tailor their activities to their specific needs, while operating within the broader context of a statewide preservation effort.

Norman LaboratoriesBy presenting this broad framework for a vision of preservation, the Florida SHPO feels that Floridians and visitors to the state will become increasingly aware of Florida’s long, rich, and important history that includes at least 14,000 years of indigenous American occupation and the establishment of the first permanent European settlements in North America. Furthermore, Florida’s past and present are diverse, multi-cultural, and unique. The broad heritage of our state is relevant to all living Floridians and visitors. Even if new to the state, Floridians should be inspired and take pride in Florida’s heritage. By employing an inclusive and open-minded approach, they will develop an effective, broadly based, statewide network of well-informed historic-preservation minded people. Property owners, government officials at all levels, developers, and other professionals will steward Florida’s significant prehistoric, historic, and folk resources as highly valued assets. The state’s present-day cultural, economic, and environmental well-being will be enhanced as Florida’s heritage is preserved for future generations.

Building upon the Florida’s worldwide recognition as a place of rich history and heritage, and in the spirit of collaboration and cooperation, the Division offers the following goals for consideration. To learn more about them, click the links below.