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Text Resources

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                                Partnerships for Powerful Preservation (September-October 2008)

                                Demolition by Neglect (May-June 2007)

                                Education & Outreach:  Proactive Preservation (July-August 2007) and (May-June 2011)

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Online Resources

Advisory Council on Historic Preservation  
Florida Office of Cultural and Historical Programs (with links to the Division of Historical Resources and the Bureau of Historic Preservation)
Florida Department of Transportation
 Florida Forever land acquisition program

Florida African American Heritage Preservation Network

Florida Public Archaeology Network
Florida State Parks

Florida Trust for Historic Preservation
National Alliance of Preservation Commissions
National Park Service, National Register of Historic Places
National Park Service, Southeast Archaeological Center
National Park Service, Links to the Past
National Park Service, Heritage Preservation Services (Preservation Planning and Tax Act Programs)
National Trust for Historic Preservation
National Trust Main Street Center
1000 Friends of Florida
University of West Florida Next Exit History Program  
National Park Service Gullah/Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor