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Letchworth Mounds

The Bureau of Archaeological Research is conducting research at Letchworth Mounds State Archaeological Park to learn more about this important Florida site and to assist the Florida Park Service with management of the park, particularly with developing interpretative materials for park visitors.

Letchworth Mounds siteFive mounds have been identified at the site, one of which was destroyed in the 1970s. The largest of these mounds is nearly 300 feet wide and 46 feet high, making it the tallest mound recorded in Florida. The age of the site, however, is still uncertain. Some archaeologists argue that it dates to the Ft. Walton Period (AD 1000- 1500), while others argue that the site dates to the older Weeden Island Period (ca AD 300-1000) .

Survey Letchworth Mounds siteThe first phase of the project, concluded by state archeologists in May 2003, consisted of a topographic and auger survey of the southern 40 acres of the park. Based on information gathered during this phase and previous limited research, the Letchworth Mounds site likely dates to the early Weeden Island Period (ca AD 300 - 700). This would make the site one of the oldest mound complexes in Florida. For more on the first phase of the Letchworth Mounds research project, contact the Florida Master Site File to request manuscript #8826 Results of the Letchworth Mounds (8JE337) Archaeological State Park Auger and Topographic Survey with Management Recommendations, Jefferson County, Florida, Tesar et al.

Florida State University and the Bureau of Archaeological Research conducted a joint project from May - June 2004. BAR hosted a Florida State University field school in 2014.

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