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The Missions

For centuries, the path of La Florida’s El Camino Real was mostly lost, covered over by time after the last of Florida’s Spanish missions were abandoned or destroyed in the first decades of the 1700s. Fortunately, the location of two important colonial settlements of Florida’s First Spanish Period (1565-1763) were never forgotten: St. Augustine and Mission San Luis in present-day Tallahassee. Using these two points as anchors on the east and west ends of the original Camino Real, historians and archaeologists have been able to reconstruct its general route.

Historical documents have been extremely valuable for identifying the sequence of missions encountered along the Camino Real and the estimated distances between them. Archaeology has been essential for uncovering their locations, dating them, and providing details of life at the settlements. Thus, while the exact location of the road in relation to every mission site may not always clear, as the map below shows, we can project the Camino Real’s path more precisely than ever before. 

Mission Along Florida's Camino Real Map

Known Missions

There are no standing remains of any Florida missions and few remnants of the road that connected them. Below is a list of missions known only through colonial era documents and mission archaeology. 

* indicates tentative site identifications

 La Natividad de Nuestra Señora

La Asunción del Puerto San Juan de Guacara I
San Carlos de los Chacatos

San Pedro y San Pablo

     de Patale II

San Juan de Guacara II
San Antonio de Bacuqua Santa Cruz de Ychutafun/Capoli San Pedro de Potohiriba I

San Cosme y San Damián de


San Joseph de Ocuia Santa Cruz de Tarihica II*
San Luís de Talimali San Juan de Aspalaga I San Agustin de Ajoica*
San Pedro de los Chines San Francisco de Oconi Santa Catalina*
San Antonio de los Chines La Concepción de Ayubale

San Martín de Ayacuto or

     de Timucua

San Luis de Xinhayca/

     Nuestra Señora de la

     Candelaria de la Tama

San Lorenzo de Ivitachuco Santa Cruz de Tarihica I
Santa Maria de Bacuqua San Miguel de Asile Santa Fé de Teleco I
San Martin de Tomole San Matheo de Tolaptafi* Santa Fé de Teleco II

San Pedro y San Pablo

     de Patale I

Santa Elena de Machava II San Francisco de Potano
San Juan de Aspalaga II

Santa Elena de Machava I/

     San Pedro de Potohiriba II

Santa Rosa de Ivitanayo
San Diego de Salamototo

San Diego de Helaca*


Nombre de Dios

     (St. Augustine)