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State Lands Review

Compliance and Review Process for Project Reviews on State Lands

Lake Jackson MoundsThe Compliance and Review Section of the Division of Historical Resources (DHR) reviews proposed state lands projects in accordance with Chapter 267, Florida Statutes and implementing state regulations, for possible effects on historic properties listed, or eligible for listing, in the National Register of Historic Places, or otherwise of historical, architectural, or archaeological value.

Projects receiving federal funds or permits may also require review in accordance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, as amended, and it’s implementing regulations in 36 CFR Part 800: Protection of Historic Properties.

As directed by Chapter 267, agencies and individuals with direct or indirect jurisdiction over state lands or state-assisted projects on state lands are responsible for considering the effect proposed undertakings may have on historic properties. Qualifying undertakings may include, but are not limited to, ground disturbance, building or structure alteration, and new construction. Additional effort to thoroughly identify historic properties within a project area may be necessary, if an undertaking has the potential to affect unrecorded historic properties.

 Chapter 267 requires consultation with DHR for undertakings on state lands. This consultation assures that significant historic properties are not inadvertently disturbed, transferred, sold, demolished, substantially altered, or allowed to deteriorate significantly. In cases where adverse effects to significant historic properties may occur, Chapter 267 directs agencies to pursue opportunities in consultation with DHR to avoid, minimize, or mitigate any adverse effect.

Project Review Process:

State lands in Florida include: state parks, preserves, wildlife management areas, and public universities among other designations. The review process should be initiated as soon as an agency or organization has a proposed project and general location area on state lands. Detailed project information should be provided to DHR to facilitate a timely review and minimize the need for DHR to request additional information.

In addition to consultation with DHR’s Compliance and Review Section, a 1A-32 permit should be obtained from the Bureau of Archaeological Research if professional archaeological monitoring or surveying is required. DHR’s architectural staff may also need to review some building and structure projects.  DHR’s initial review period is up to 30 days. However, additional time and consultation may be required depending on the nature of the undertaking.

Agency staff who have successfully completed DHR’s Archaeological Resource Management (ARM) training course should consult the DHR Matrix for Ground Disturbance on State Lands to determine what course of action to take. For all other submitters, please complete the DHR State Lands Consultation Form and attach a clear aerial image showing the project location. See below for project specific requirements.

For ground disturbing projects please submit the following:

For projects involving buildings/structures please submit the following:

  • Descriptive Narrative of Proposed Project
  • Clear Aerial Image Map Showing Building/Structure Location(s)
  • Photographs of Project Area (optional)
  • Descriptive Narrative of Proposed Project
  • Detailed Construction/Demolition Plans (if available) and/or Diagrams, Sketches of Proposed Project
  • Date of construction for Building/Structure
  • Photographs of the Building/Structure from all Sides, Close ups of Areas to be Repaired or Replaced
  • Clear Aerial Image Map with the project location(s) marked.
  • Justification for Proposed Project
Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings House
  • Proposed Materials (if applicable)
  • Detailed Construction/Demolition Plans or Diagrams / Sketches
  • Provide the Florida Master Site File Number for the Structure if it is recorded.

Please email completed submission packets or questions to the Compliance and Review Section at [email protected]. For questions call 850-245-6333.

Remember to include email and phone contact information so that our office can reach you if additional information or clarification is necessary. If no other information is needed, you should receive a comment letter back within 30 days of receipt of a complete submission packet.

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