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Marker Application Checklist

Checklist for Completing Florida Historical Marker Application

Content Needed for an Application

You will need the following information to complete the application.

  • The historic name of the resource
  • The resource type
  • A statement of the resource's significance
  • A description of the resource
  • A bibliography of sources documenting the site's historical relevancy
  • The geographic coordinates of the marker in decimal degrees (see determining marker coordinates)
  • Proposed marker title and text, including sponsors (see marker text tips & examples)
  • Days and times marker will be accessible to the public
  • Name and contact information of the resource owner
  • Name and contact information of the marker caretaker (the person responsible for erecting and maintaining the marker)
  • Approval of the owner of the property where the marker will be placed

Attachments Needed for an Application

Applicants must submit, digitally or by mail, the following:

  • signature page signed by the owner of the property where the marker will be placed. (You will be able to print the signature page after your application form is submitted)
  • A completed Florida Master Site File form (with number if available)
    Visit Master Site File Documents and Forms to get a site file form and instructions for completing it.
  • Up to three maps (in .pdf format) that illustrate:
    • the general area where the resource is located
    • the specific boundaries of the resource
    • the proposed location of the marker
  • Copies of hard to find sources referenced in the bibliography (in .pdf format). You only need to scan and include sources that would be difficult to find.
  • photograph of the proposed marker location (in .png, .tif, or .jpg format). Do not send drawings or other artistic representations. Indicate the exact location where you desire the marker to be placed with a marker stand-in. Examples include:
    • A person
    • A mock-up of the marker
    • A digitally added marker or other indicator
  • photograph showing the resource to be marked as it currently exists (in .png, .tif, or .jpg format). Do not send drawings or other artistic representations.
  • OPTIONAL: A historical photograph of the resource (in .png, .tif, or .jpg format)

For More Information

Historic Marker Program
[email protected] 

Division of Historical Resources
Bureau of Historic Preservation
R.A. Gray Building
500 S. Bronough Street, Room 408
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0250