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Benefits of the CLG Program

Benefits of Certified Local Government Designation

Technical Assistance and Training

  • Bureau of Historic Preservation staff are available to CLGs as a source of technical assistance and information.
  • State-wide, regional CLG trainings are offered every two years. These in-depth training sessions cover a variety of historic preservation topics to aid preservation board and commissions in their work at the local level. 
  • CLGs may request on-site trainings for their board or commission. On-site trainings are designed to meet the particular educational needs of the CLG requesting training.
  • Webinars focusing on a variety of historic preservation topics are offered throughout the year.



  • Through the Division’s Small Matching Grants program, CLGs in good standing are eligible to compete for pass-through subgrants funded by the Historic Preservation Fund grant the Division receives annually from the National Park Service. The federal CLG subgrants may be for survey, planning and National Register nomination projects. In addition, match funding requirements for Small Matching grants are waived for all grants awarded to CLGs in good standing, whether state or federally funded.


National Register Comment Role

  • Federal regulations require that National Register nomination proposals be reviewed by Certified Local Government (CLG) historic preservation boards before they can be presented to the Florida National Register Review Board.
  • When a National Register nomination is received by the Bureau of Historic Preservation, the Bureau will send a copy of the proposal to the CLG for review. The CLG's historic preservation board and the chief local official will have 60 days to comment. If both the CLG board and chief local official do not consider the property to be eligible for listing in the National Register, the proposal will not be submitted to the Florida National Register Review Board. If only one, either the preservation board or the local official, does not consider the property to be eligible, the proposal may be submitted to the Florida National Register Review Board. If comments are not received by the end of the 60-day review period, the Bureau may schedule the proposal for review by the review board.
  • Florida CLGs are also encouraged to work with National Register reviewers at the State Historic Preservation Office by identifying properties or districts that may be eligible for the National Register within their local jurisdiction.


Local Tax Exemption Review

  • Conduct project reviews for Florida's local option property tax exemption program (project reviews in communities that are not CLGs must conducted by the Division of Historical Resources). The exemption is available for qualified improvements to historic properties listed in the National Register and/or designated by a CLG.