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How to Apply to the CLG Program

Steps for Applying to the CLG Program

The steps below provide a brief outline of the Florida CLG application process.  Before applying to the program, please be sure to read the Florida CLG Guidelines for a complete description of the program and its requirements.  Florida CLG Guidelines (.pdf)

  • The first step in applying to the Certified Local Government Program is to enact a historic preservation ordinance that meets the criteria set forth in the Florida CLG guidelines. A checklist of items to be included in the ordinance is available here: Ordinance Checklist (.pdf).  Bureau of Historic Preservation staff are available to answer any questions you may have in the process of drafting or editing your ordinance, and will conduct a final review of the ordinance as a part of the application process. 
  • Upon enactment of a historic preservation ordinance, a preservation review board or commission consisting of at least five members must be established. The commission should be composed of professional and lay members with a demonstrated interest in historic preservation.
  • Once the historic preservation ordinance and review board are in place, you may submit the Florida CLG application to the State Historic Preservation Office.  Florida CLG Application (.pdf)
  • Following receipt of the completed CLG application and determination that all requirements have been met, the State Historic Preservation Office will draft a CLG agreement to be signed by the chief local elected official.
  • Once the CLG agreement has been signed and returned, the State Historic Preservation Office will send a letter to the National Park Service requesting CLG certification. Notice of certification is typically received within a month.