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Native American Heritage Trail

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"On Top of the World" Artist depiction of the Pineland site, Pine Island

The 36-page Florida Native American Heritage Trail guidebook honors Florida's Native American cultures, both past and present, by providing in-depth information for residents and visitors. The Florida Native American Heritage Trail describes in text and images over 100 heritage tourist destinations throughout the state where ancient Florida Native Americans left evidence of their cultures and where contemporary Native Americans thrive and exhibit their cultures. Features include a synopsis of the 12,000-plus years of Native American presence and significance in Florida, side bars of special interest topics, and biographies of individuals important to Florida's Native American heritage written by archaeologists and living descendents of Native Americans.

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Reenactment of the Dade Battle at Fort Foster, Hillsborough River State Park
The guide was produced by the Trail of Florida's Indian Heritage with a grant from the Division of Historical Resources. The Trail of Florida's Indian Heritage (formerly Trail of the Lost Tribes) is a non-profit organization promoting awareness and preservation of Florida's ancient cultures. Founded in 2000, the Trail of Florida's Indian Heritage is a membership network of three heritage interpreters and 26 public sites pertaining to the ancient Native American cultures in Florida, including museums with exhibits of ancient artifacts and mounds in city, county, state and national parks.

Copies of the publication have been distributed by the Florida Department of State to public libraries throughout the state and regional offices of the Florida Public Archaeology Network Additional funding from the Frank E. Duckwall Foundation has provided each of Florida's approximately 3,500 public and private elementary schools to receive a copy of the publication.

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Published by the Florida Department of State,
Division of Historical Resources.
ISBN #1-889030-25-2