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E-File Articles of Dissolution

Limited Liability Company

Important Message Regarding Credit/Debit Card Payments for Online Filings

The Division of Corporations uses a 3rd party, NIC Services, LLC dba Tyler Payment Services, to process our credit/debit card payments for Online filings. A confirmation payment receipt will be emailed from  [email protected]  for successful transactions. Please keep a copy of the receipt, there is information contained in the receipt that will help us locate your filing and reconcile it.

To dissolve a Florida limited liability company:

  1. Review the instructions for filing the Articles of Dissolution for a Florida Limited Liability Company.
  2. Gather all information required to complete the form.
  3. Have a valid form of payment.


File Articles of Dissolution for a Limited Liability Company


Filing Instructions

Answers are listed below to common questions about e-filing a dissolution of a limited liability company.

What Web Browsers are supported?

The Division of Corporations' Web Application supports later versions of the following browsers:

The above browsers cover over 96% of browser market share.  Other browsers supporting HTML5 should also work fine with our web application.  If you are considering choosing or adding a new browser, you can see how they compare in HTML5 feature support here.

What are Articles of Dissolution?

  • Articles of Dissolution will voluntarily dissolve the Florida limited liability company. 
  • Once filed, the entity will no longer exist.
  • The online filing form is basic and meets the minimum filing requirements pursuant to s.605.0707, F.S.
  • Your document may need to include additional items that specifically apply to your situation. The Division of Corporations strongly recommends that legal counsel reviews all document prior to submission.

I don’t remember my document number. Where do I find it?

What are my payment options?

How much does it cost to file the Articles of Dissolution?

The filing fee is $25.00.

Certificate of Status

  • You may request a certificate of status.
  • This item is not required.
  • A certificate of status certifies the limited liability company is no longer active on the Division of Corporations’ records.
  • Fee: $5.00 each

Certified Copy

  • You may request a certified copy of your Articles of Dissolution.
  • This item is not required.
  • A certified copy will include a filed stamped copy of your Articles of Dissolution and will verify that the copy is a true and correct copy of the document in our records.
  • Fee: $30.00 each

How long does it take for the Articles of Dissolution to post on Sunbiz?

Allow 2-3 business days for your dissolution to post on Sunbiz.

How do I sign the online form?

  • Typing your name in the signature block is sufficient pursuant to s.15.16, F. S.
  • Electronic signatures have the same legal effect as original signatures.
  • Typing someone’s name (signature) without permission constitutes forgery.

Can I download a copy of the Articles of Dissolution from Sunbiz?

Yes. Once the Articles of Dissolution have been processed and posted, you can download an image of the dissolution from Sunbiz free of charge.

I don’t want to file online. Can I print and mail my form and payment?

  • Yes, you can print the Articles of Dissolution form (PDF) for your business entity, and mail it with a check or money order payment.
  • All payments by credit card must file the dissolution online.

Public Records Notice:  Any information you submit on the dissolution will be part of the public record and made available for public view on the Division’s website.