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Service of Process Online

  • The Division of Corporations accepts Substituted Service of Process under Chapter 48 of the Florida Statutes.
  • We will notify the plaintiff’s attorney of any accepted service, including the time and date of acceptance. However, we do not serve the designated individual.
  • The notice includes:
    • Two acceptance letters.
    • A copy of the summons.
    • A copy of the complaint.
  • The plaintiff’s attorney is responsible for notifying the defendant of an accepted Substitute Service of Process.
  • Search our records by name to find the name and address of an entity’s registered agent.

Filing Requirements

You can submit Service of Process online at You will need PDF copies of the following:

  • The court-issued summons, which should include:
    • The signature of the Clerk of the Circuit Court and the Seal.
    • The name of the defendant, in care of the Secretary of State.
      John Doe
      c/o Secretary of State
      P.O. Box 6327
      Tallahassee, FL 32314
  • The complaint.
  • If the defendant is an active business entity on our records, include a copy of the returned service or an affidavit from the process server as proof of attempted service.

Submit only a single document, do not include copies. 

Get Started Online

Paper Submission

If you need to submit by paper, provide two copies each of the summons and complaint so that a copy can be returned to you. Also, include a cover letter indicating the specific section of Chapter 48, F.S., (e.g., 48.161, 48.181) that authorizes the Division of Corporations to accept the service.


Effective 1/2/2023, there is no fee for Substitute Service of Process. Any payment received will be returned.

Additional Instructions

  • Direct Service of Process naming the Secretary of State as a Defendant to: The Secretary of State, R.A. Gray Building, Tallahassee, Florida  32301.
  • Direct Service of Process naming the State of Florida as a Defendant to: The Florida Attorney General’s office or call 850.414.3990 for additional information.
  • Direct Service of Process naming an insurance COMPANY (not an insurance AGENCY) as a Defendant to: The Chief Financial Officer at the State of Florida, or call 850.413.4200 for additional information.


  • Call 850.245.6953 for specific questions about filing substitute service. 
  • Direct all other inquiries to the attorney(s) involved. 
  • The Division of Corporations does not provide information pertaining to the summons or complaint.