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File Reinstatement

Important Message Regarding Credit/Debit Card Payments for Online Filings

The Division of Corporations uses a 3rd party, NIC Services, LLC dba Tyler Payment Services, to process our credit/debit card payments for Online filings. A confirmation payment receipt will be emailed from  [email protected]  for successful transactions. Please keep a copy of the receipt, there is information contained in the receipt that will help us locate your filing and reconcile it.

Before filing your reinstatement:

  1. Any corporation, limited liability company, limited partnership or limited liability limited partnership whose status was administratively dissolved or revoked can submit an electronic reinstatement application.
  2. Review the instructions for filing a reinstatement.
  3. Gather all information required to complete the form, including your document number.
  4. Have a valid form of payment.


File Reinstatement


More Information

Answers to common questions about e-filing a reinstatement are listed below.

Reporting of Beneficial Ownership Information

Effective January 1, 2024 there is a Federal requirement for the Reporting of Beneficial Ownership information. The Division of Corporations’ responsibility is to provide notice of the requirement.  For additional information please visit the Beneficial Ownership Page "Reporting of Beneficial Ownership Information".

What Web Browsers are supported?

The Division of Corporations' Web Application supports later versions of the following browsers:

The above browsers cover over 96% of browser market share.  Other browsers supporting HTML5 should also work fine with our web application.  If you are considering choosing or adding a new browser, you can see how they compare in HTML5 feature support here.

What is a reinstatement?

  • A reinstatement application returns an administratively dissolved or revoked business entity to an active status.
  • The form updates or confirms the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations' records.
  • It is not a financial statement.
  • The data displayed on the entity’s online reinstatement application is the most current data on file with the Division of Corporations.

I don’t remember my document number. Where do I find it?

What are my payment options to file a reinstatement?

Online Payment Options:

By Mail or Courier:

  • Check or money order.
    • Make all checks payable to the Florida Department of State.
    • Must be payable in U.S. currency drawn from a U.S. bank.
  • Submit payment with the required payment voucher.
    • An automatic prompt will allow you to print the voucher when you select the “Pay by Check” option.
    • Need another copy of your payment voucher?

How long does it take my reinstatement to post on Sunbiz?

  • Business entities that were administratively dissolved or revoked for less than one calendar year: Online reinstatements are posted immediately if paid by credit card or a Prepaid Sunbiz E-File Account.
  • Business entities that were administratively dissolved or revoked for more than one calendar year: Allow 2-3 business days for the reinstatement to post if paid by credit card or Prepaid Sunbiz E-File Account. Florida law requires our office to check the entity’s name for availability.
  • When paying by check or money order: Your document will be processed in the order it was received.

Can I make changes when I file my reinstatement?

Yes, the reinstatement application allows you to:

  • Add, delete or change the names and/or addresses of the officers, directors, managers or authorized representatives, and make changes to addresses only for any general partners.
  • Change the registered agent and registered office address.
  • Change the principal office address and mailing address for the business entity.
  • Add or change the federal employer identification number.

NOTE: The reinstatement application does not permit you to change the name of your business. To change the name, download and complete the appropriate amendment form. Mail the completed form with payment to the Division of Corporations.

How do I sign the online form?

  • Typing your name in the signature block is sufficient pursuant to s.15.16, F. S.
  • Electronic signatures have the same legal effect as original signatures. 
  • Typing someone’s name (signature) without permission constitutes forgery.

Can I get a copy of my filed reinstatement application?

Yes. Once the reinstatement has been processed and posted, you can download an image of the reinstatement from Sunbiz free of charge.

What does the error message “A filing is in the queue” mean?

This message indicates that we received your reinstatement but it has not been processed yet.

Reinstatement Fees



Additional Fees

Reinstatement – Profit Corporation $600.00 + $150 for each report year
Reinstatement – Non-Profit Corporation $175.00 + $61.25 for each report year
Reinstatement – Limited Liability Company $100.00 + $138.75 for each report year
Reinstatement – Limited Partnership & Limited Liability Limited Partnership $500.00** **Florida law requires a $500 reinstatement fee for each year or part thereof the limited partnership was revoked + $500 filing fee for each report year due.

Public Records Notice:  Any information you submit on a reinstatement application will be part of the public record and made available for public view on the Division’s website.