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General Information & Available Resources


IRS – Business Tax Compliancy

The Internal Revenue Service is the federal government agency responsible for tax collection and tax law in the United States. 

Business Registration

In addition to registering with the Department of State, most professions must register with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Florida businesses may be required to register with the local county. County occupational licenses are typically obtained from the local county government.

Other resources to consider:

Florida Tax Registration

It is vital that businesses know about the taxes they are required to collect and pay to the State of Florida. The Florida Department of Revenue provides a helpful starting place to learn more about registering for Florida taxes.

Selecting a Location

Location can affect the quality and quantity of services and products in the business world. Other issues to consider include access to major transportation routes and skilled workers, as well as identifying the location of the target demographic for your goods and services. All of these things could impact your company’s ability to grow and conduct business in Florida.

International Trade Information

International commerce is big business in Florida. Our deep-water ports and international air transportation facilities support large volumes of global trade. Florida has 21 foreign trade zones, which are ideal for businesses in the import-export industry.

Land Use & Permitting

Florida holds businesses accountable for their impact on the environment and for compliance with local land use ordinances and codes. Issues such as surface and groundwater quality, wastewater treatment, solid and hazardous waste disposal, natural habitat protection and even placement of signs on a public right of way are a few of the concerns that businesses may be asked to address.

Assistance Programs

Florida is committed to creating an environment conducive to stimulating economic growth. As such, assistance programs are available for minority businesses, rural economic development, small businesses and other areas within the business community. 

Industry Reports

Florida provides numerous business perks, including a beneficial business tax system, 21 foreign trade zones, a large population of skilled workers and much more. Florida has everything a business needs to thrive.