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Government Impostor and Deceptive Advertisement Act (GIDAA)


The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (DACS) now has the statutory duty and responsibility to investigate potential violations; request information regarding potential violations; seek compliance; enforce; and adopt rules necessary to administer the “Government Impostor and Deceptive Advertisement Act” (GIDAA)

Violations of this act include disseminating an advertisement that:

  • Represents, implies, or otherwise engages in an action that may reasonably cause confusion that the person using or employing the advertisement is a part of or associated with a governmental entity, when such is not true.
  • Using or employing language, symbols, logos, representations, statements, titles, names, seals, emblems, insignia, trade or brand names, business or control tracking numbers, website or e-mail addresses, or any other term, symbol, or other content that represents or implies or otherwise reasonably causes confusion that goods, services, an advertisement, or an offer is from a governmental entity, when such is not true. 

 For more information, see section 817.417, F.S., visit the FDACS’s Division of Consumer Services 

  webpage or call 1-800-HELP-FLA.