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Preventing Identity Theft

The best way to monitor your Department of State filings is to provide our office with your most current and frequently monitored email address. In most cases, the Department of State will send you an email alerting you to any filings or changes made on the department’s records.

If you are uncertain of the email address we have on record, contact us at [email protected].

To request a change of email address, email [email protected].

You should also:

  • Check your business filings often by searching for your business records on Sunbiz.
  • Monitor your business’s credit report and, if possible, sign up for a credit monitoring service.
  • Monitor your accounts and bills. If an unexpected bill, charge, credit card or account shows up or a regular bill doesn’t arrive, contact the billing company.

Preventing identity theft is like any other crime. There is no 100% foolproof method to prevent the theft from occurring. The goal is to detect the theft as soon as possible so that corrective action can be taken.