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Corporate Data File


To download a corporate data file:

  1. Review the basic information about corporate data.
  2. View a sample of the data structure if you are unfamiliar with our data files.
  3. Select the “Continue to Download Files” button to enter the Data Access Portal.
  4. Use the public access credentials to sign into the Data Access Portal.
    • Username = Public
    • Password  = PubAccess1845!

Continue to Download Files

More Information

  • Corporate Data files are located in the Department of State’s Data Access Portal.
  • The information provided in a Corporate Data file is a summary of all corporate data records (excluding Trademarks) added to our database on a particular date.
    • It is provided for informational purposes only. 
    • It may be changed or deleted from our database at any time.
    • It is generated daily.
  • Each file contains basic filing information.
  • The format allows you to manipulate the data for your own purposes.
  • The data's filename corresponds to the date the information was added to the Division of Corporations’ database.
  • The file is a fixed length ASCII text file (“.txt” extension). The naming convention is CCYYMMDDx.txt.
    • CC = century
    • YY = year
    • MM = month
    • DD = day
    • x = database type