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General & Limited Liability Partnership

Search Guide

Learn the Basics

  • Enter Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial when searching by an individual’s name. Partial names, such as Doe, J for John A. Doe, are acceptable. Punctuation is optional.
  • The entire name is not necessary. For example, a search for The First Southern Apartments, LLP could use First South as keywords.
  • Our records are indexed in alphabetical order.
  • The filings that come closest to your search criteria are listed first.
  • If an exact match does not appear, you can scroll forward or backward using Previous List and Next List to view the names indexed before and after the current page.
  • Click on an entity’s name to view detailed information about the partnership or LLP.
  • Search by document number: the error message Record Not Found means the document number does not exist in our records.
    • Try again or search by partnership name.
    • Be sure to use the number zero (“0”) for all document numbers. The letter “o” is not acceptable.

Know Your Search Options

You can search our database by:

  • Partnership Name – lists partnerships/LLPs by name. Results include the status and type of filing—partnership (GEN) or limited liability partnership (LLP)—for each record.
  • Agent/Partner Name – lists registered agents and partnerships by name. Results include the partnership name, registration type (GEN or LLP), and indicates if the person is an agent or a partner.
  • GEN/LLP FEI Number – lists the partnerships/LLPs associated with the FEI number you entered. Results include the partnership/LLP name and document number. Multiple filings may be listed for one FEI number.
  • Document Number – lists detailed information about the partnership or LLP associated with the assigned Department of State identification number.

Access and View Filed Documents

  • Once you have searched and selected an entity or registration from the list of returns, you will be redirected to the entity or registration detail page.
  • You can view a list of document filings from an entity’s or registration’s detail page.
  • Click View image in PDF format to access the document as a PDF.
  • Click the document link to download a TIFF image.
  • You can save or print a copy of the document.
  • See Document Image System for more information.

Understand the Details

Refer to the following chart to understand the information displayed on the partnership’s or LLP’s detail page:



Registration Name The name the registration is filed under.
Document Number 12-digit number assigned by the Division of Corporations when a partnership or LLP is filed.
FEIN Federal Employer Identification (FEI) Number assigned by the IRS.
Date Filed The date a document was filed by the Division of Corporations.
State State of domicile of the entity.
Status Filing status: active or expired
Effective Date The date that entity's registration became effective, if other than the date filed.
Expiration Date The date registration expires; registrations expire one year from the file or effective date.
Florida Partners Number of partners in Florida.
Total Partners Total number of partners in the LLP.
Registered Agent The name and address of the current registered agent.
Name History The number of name changes the partnership/LLP has filed.
Date RA Changed Name The date a registered agent change was filed.
Events Filed Number of amendments filed, including renewals, cancellations, owner changes, etc.
Pages in Original Filing The total number of pages in the original registration.
Total Pages The total number of pages, including attachments.