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Bob Ross

Television Personality/Painter

A photo of Bob Ross holding a painting palette in front of a painting of a winter mountain scene on the set of his television show

1942 - 1995

Inducted 2022


Born in Daytona Beach and raised in Orlando, painter and TV personality Bob Ross encouraged millions of people around the globe to pick up a paintbrush and discover The Joy of Painting through his television series of the same name.

For 10 years and over 400 episodes, The Joy of Painting was more than just instruction in wet-on-wet oil painting techniques, but a reflection on life. Ross told his audience that there are no mistakes, just happy accidents. Trees and clouds weren’t lifeless objects, they were happy little trees and friendly little clouds. Most of all, he urged his audience to believe in themselves. He demystified painting technique and taught millions of people around the world that they can paint, too. Today, the show lives on through reruns on PBS, the Internet and streaming platforms, a merchandising and licensing empire, and the goodwill of millions of global fans.