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Tom Fitz


A photo of a man holding a movie camera in front of an ocean and hills

Born 1958

Inducted 2021


Tom Fitz is an American cameraman, producer and director who has documented our planet’s natural beauty for over thirty years. As a freelance cinematographer, Tom has worked for the BBC, PBS, National Geographic and many others. He is the recipient of four Primetime Emmy Awards for cinematography and two for outstanding series, as well as a BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) Award.

Tom’s experience and comfort working underwater are rivaled by few. He is among a small handful of cameramen who has worked in all seven continents and five oceans, including under the ice in our planet’s polar regions. He has experience with underwater remotely operated vehicle technology and manned submarines in waters over a mile deep.

In 2008, Tom started Schoolyard Films, Inc. with the belief that educating today’s students about the natural world and the challenges it faces is of critical importance to tomorrow’s healthy environment. With Schoolyard, Tom produces films specifically for use in K-12 classrooms that are available for free with accompanying study guides to teachers worldwide.